Monday, January 16, 2006

the specter of impeachment

You know, if this keeps happening, I’m going to have to actually get up on Sunday mornings. Yesterday, I mentioned McCain’s callous words on Face the Nation, and now I see that Senator Arlen Specter dropped the “I” bomb on ABC’s This Week.

Let me just give you this headline:

Specter: If Bush Broke The Law With Warrantless Spying, Impeachment Is A Remedy

And this link. (It’s good stuff, I promise.)

And before you all go off on me, let just state for the record that I know impeachment is a pipe dream without Democratic majorities in Congress, and would still be a long shot even if the Dems pull off a miracle in November. And, let me also say that I don’t trust Specter—he’s made a career out of putting things on the table, only to ignore them (drawing a line in the sand about Roe and judgeships, for instance)—but it is very interesting that this man, most likely in his last term, would toss this out there, on his own, and quite clearly.

How’s about some leading Democrats hop on the bandwagon?
Update: Shake's Sis finds one Dem who did today. . . unfortunately, he no longer has a real job.


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