Friday, January 13, 2006


God likes funnel cakes less than I thought. Last Friday, I noted the apparent conflict of interest involved in selling part of your country to a man that has called for the lord to smite your elected leader. Well, after being reminded of what a complete asshole Pat Robertson really is, Israel decided to punish the fundamentalist cleric and cancel the deal. So, now, Robertson has apologized. I’ll wait to see if Israel lets bygones be bygones.

You oughta be in pictures. Also last Friday, I noted what an empty lot of hoo-hah Bush’s council of Secretaries was. Arthur Schlesinger told Lauren Bacall he agrees (don’t know if he also used the word “hoo-hah”).

Because a mine is a terrible thing to waste. Last Thursday, I drew a connection between Bush administration mine safety policy and the Sago disaster. Knight Ridder and Daniel Schorr see it, too.


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