Monday, February 04, 2008

Dr. Asshole

(courtesy of Brave New Films)

Though this blog never goes a week without dozens stopping by thanks to a google of some combination of the words “McCain” and “asshole,” the last couple of weeks have been especially good for business (or would be, if I actually sold ad space). The funny thing is, or, at least, I assume the funny thing is, that this “surge” (cough) in hits is likely due to large numbers of people that reside somewhere in that bizarre-o world known as the right wing of the Republican party. Just look at this comment most recently tacked on to an old Asshole post:

He is a liberal asshole. I am sorry I became a Republican!!!

While I am happy to have yet one more American regret having signed up for the party of recession and war, ya' gotta wonder about where this sort of reasoning is going to lead this voter.

Liberal? McCain? Please.

Take a listen to this On The Media piece from the weekend—note just how many different times the Asshole from Arizona has voted to deny a woman’s right to chose.

Or, how about, despite his spinning, how aggressively McCain has supported George W. Bush’s Iraqi debacle. From the get go. And I’m not talking about just the concept, I’m talking about the practice.

Or, perhaps you’d find it interesting to “learn” that in spite of some occasional long ago utterances critical of illegal handguns, McCain voted against the Brady Bill and against the extension of the Assault Weapons Ban.

Or, maybe my anonymous new friend should look at John McCain’s voting record. Though Senator Asshole hasn’t been around much for the 110th Congress (he’s got ambitions to see to, after all), when he has been on the Hill to vote, he has voted with President Bush more than any other member of the Senate. (Oh, crap—I’ve lost this link! Sorry. Feel free to trust or disregard until I can dig it up.)

Pro school choice/vouchers. Pro abstinence only education. Pro NAFTA, pro CAFTA. Anti DC representation in Congress. Anti universal health coverage. Anti habeas corpus preservation/restoration. Anti restricting military deployments to 12 months. . . .

Oh, god! I could go on and on and on. . . .

And, if John “Asshole” McCain is his party’s nominee for president, trust me, I will.

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