Monday, April 02, 2007

senator asshole takes a walk

Last week, Sen. John McCain (asshole-AZ), made the insanely hilarious comment that there “are neighborhoods in Baghdad where you an I could walk through those neighborhoods today.” It was an assertion so stupid, it had US generals laughing out loud.

Well, McCain is not one to take laughter at his expense lightly. So, one of the Senate’s leading tinkerbellistas, who just happens to be running for President, by the way, decided to show those generals a thing or two. . . by making them tie up a sizeable contingent of troops and equipment so that Johnny Mac could stage a photo op.

To demonstrate that America is “not getting the full picture” of what’s going on, McCain “strolled” ever-so-briefly through an open-air market. . . less than a quarter mile from the green zone. . . while wearing a bullet-proof vest. . . surrounded by 100 soldiers. . . with three Blackhawk helicopters and two Apache gunships overhead.

And, get this, after this “walk,” McCain, never missing another opportunity to demonstrate what freaking asshole he is, actually had the audacity to cite the staged event as “proof” that you could indeed “walk freely” in parts of Baghdad.

Say it with me: What an asshole!


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