Monday, January 08, 2007

John McCain is a lying, unprincipled, uncourageous, opportunistic asshole

Regular readers all know that I have spared neither sleepless nights nor daily slights in my attempt to document each and every way in which John McCain is an asshole. (Google knows it, too.) There is a nice compendium of some of my previous “research” here, and my latest multifaceted discovery here.


Blogger J.D. Stephens said...

At last! Dr. Karl Rove and Sen. John McCain have told the truth about what “they” want to do to our virginal white women. The Paris Hilton ad brings the truth out as well as reminds us of some of the principles that our nation was founded on.

A recent, and high profile case, just think of what would have happened to those women back in the south in the 50s if those Glorious Knights hadn’t tied that cotton gin fan around the neck of Emit Till and thrown him in the river! The horrors that would have been rained down that poor woman! Is that what you want to happen to your women! As the ad illustrates so well, John McCain will keep our women safe from rampaging, raping Negros!

It’s a story as old as the nation itself, and is true. The Jim Crow were so successful, and a such a comfort to our women, and once they were repealed, the trouble started.

Dr. Rove and Sen. McCain will bring back those golden days and make the streets safe for our women once again. Once John McCain, Joseph Lieberman (he’s one of those good Jews.) and Dr. Karl Rove take the torch of freedom from George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, we will see all those wonderful programs to help us be more free and Jesus oriented continued, as well as a few more ambitions ones.

Onward Christian Solders!
Sword of Jesus at the Ready!

For more of the Truth, not Liberal Lies:

Yours in Christ J.D. Stephens

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