Thursday, March 08, 2007

ladies and gentlemen, I give you fox “news”

Yes, this is the same Fox News that Harry Reid, the Nevada Democratic Party, and some of the Democratic presidential hopefuls want to legitimize as a neutral news source by allowing them to host and spin a candidates’ forum in August.

Few are opposed to letting Fox broadcast a Democratic debate, but to let them host—with a panel made up of their journalists personalities—and then own and spin the content is just giving them too much credit. . . and too much rope.

There will be plenty of other televised candidate forums in Nevada before their caucuses; no one needs to reach anyone through the filter of Fox News. John Edwards, to his credit, has pulled out of this event. How about you give your favorite candidate(s) a call, and ask them not to lend their esteem and credibility to the Fox News Channel. And give the most powerful Democrat in Nevada—that would be Harry Reid—a call, too, while you are at it. Though he doesn’t seem to want to admit it, Reid has a lot of say in this matter.

The Senator’s numbers: (phone) 202-224-3542 / (fax) 202-224-7327.

Thank you. Goodnight and good news.

(screen grab hat tips: Think Progress & dKos; numbers hat tip: Matt Stoller)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe we should treat these personalities like russia is treating their journalists!

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