Tuesday, February 27, 2007

and she’s supposedly the smart one

I’ve said it before, in so many words, but I’ll say it again here: I am not impressed with the intellect of Condoleezza Rice.

Wait, let me rephrase that: Condi Rice is a moron.

I know were are supposed to harbor some sort of respect for her advanced degrees and lofty academic background, and perhaps I, exempting ideology, even gave her the benefit of the doubt a few years back. But, now that we have had a chance to see Rice strut and fret upon the world stage in a leading role as Secretary of State, I feel pretty safe in saying that no deference is required. She may be driven, she may be disciplined, but she is not smart. I would, with complete confidence, go up against her in any quiz format you name, and I think I would kick her ass. . . just sayin’.

More to the point, however, after seeing her blow multiple opportunities to work for peace in the Middle East, including failing on this last trip to seize upon the deal between Hamas and the PLO, and, indeed, having witnessed her actually exacerbating war in Lebanon, rejecting diplomacy with Iran, and foiling Israeli-Syrian talks, I think its clear she’s out of her depth in Foggy Bottom. As George W. Bush has taught me that, gee, maybe I could handle the job of president, Condi Rice has allowed me to believe that I could do a better job as Secretary of State.

The most recent testament to Secretary Rice’s intellectual bankruptcy was a comment made on Fox Snooze this Sunday where she severely mangled the historical record while trying to draw some sort of connection between her administration’s ouster of Saddam Hussein and a previous generation’s fight against Hitler. At minimum, it was inarticulate, but, at its core, it was so full of historically stupid historical inaccuracies that it was taking me the whole damn night to catalogue them. . . .

Then I discovered that Keith Olbermann beat me to it. I normally don’t like to just “pass things along,” especially something as widely disseminated as Olbermann, but he basically covers all of my points. . . in half the time. . . and with twice as many jokes.

So, without further ado, let’s go to the videotape:


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