Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"so lacking in courage as to be worthy of contempt"

That would be the dictionary definition of “craven.”

You see, when I cross-posted yesterday’s piece, not incompetence—ideology, to Daily Kos, I garnered a few comments, several of which are quite interesting, and I encourage everyone to take a look (let this serve as a reminder to all of you here—I really like comments). One response took issue with my use of the word “craven” to describe Bush, Cheney, and the assorted other administration bigwigs with a hand on the steering wheel of our ship of state.

I don't think the neocon leaders are notably craven, although they do seem to see extreme danger everywhere they look. Their followers, on the other hand, seem to me quite cowardly.

Perhaps mike101, who posted the comment, thought I had meant to use another word. Well, I chose the word “craven” very much on purpose, and I stand by my labeling the likes of Bush and Cheney as cowards—in fact, I think it is a point we need to stress more often. Here is my response to mike (reposted from dKos):

So lacking in courage as to be worthy of contempt

I think these neo-conmen are quite craven/cowardly. None have seen combat first hand—many actively dodged service—yet they are all too willing to send others to take a bullet for them. And for what?

From 9/11 onward, this administration has been willing to throw away everything we hold dear because a few thousand people across the entire globe might have the wherewithal and dedication to launch a terrorist attack. They see a boogeyman in every closet. They scream bloody murder every time a tinhorn goes “boo.” It’s dogs and cats living together—mass hysteria!

A few zealots against the full military, economic, and cultural might of the United States—c’mon! I’m not afraid. I’m afraid for the world if the US continues to throw this weight around the way it has the last half-dozen years, but I am not that afraid of what al Qaeda can do to the whole of my country.

But Bush is terrified! You can see it in his beady little eyes. And Cheney? Wake him wearing a turban and I can almost guarantee the fifth heart attack. And all of their half-pint, half-wit supporters—Gonzales, Feith, Kristol—chickenshits, every one! We are lead by a bunch of scared children whose instinctual reaction is to scream and hit at the slightest provocation.

I know it’s also in their “ideology,” but it is an ideology rooted in fear.

FDR was right, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—and these men are chock-full of fear. I appreciate your comment, but I stand by “craven.”


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