Friday, March 02, 2007

in other news. . .

I have been trying to get other work done, and have had a bit of trouble of late maintaining a regular posting schedule over here, but I wanted to steer you to a few noteworthy items from the past few days:

North Korea now has nuclear weapons BECAUSE of the Bush administration.

Yet another reason to doubt admin intel on Iran’s support for Shiite militias: those copper lined EFP’s we trotted out last month—maybe made in Iraq, definitely not from Iran.

Yet another reason to impeach Mr. Moto.

Fired US attorney David Iglesias told NPR’s Melissa Block that he lost his job because he resisted the pressure of two Republican members of the New Mexico congressional delegation to speed up indictments of a local Democrat to possibly influence the November elections. Iglesias and Block also make it pretty clear which two Republicans.

Tell me again how the Democrats don’t have alternatives to the Bush escalation. . . go ahead, I dare you.

Let’s hope they are really big, waterproof flags.

Surprise, surprise. . . Joe lies. . . and Mike Bloomberg is just the man stupid enough to have fallen for it.

Republican frontrunner Rudy Giuliani on the war in Iraq:

I ran a hospital system, the second- or third-largest in the country. . . . We were paying out $500 million in claims, and settling claims that we just had to settle for amounts of money I would never thought you should give, and I'm a lawyer. That's what I really know about, even more than foreign policy.

Seriously, that was his answer to a question on Iraq.

It’s not the crime—it’s the cover-up. Um, well, no, the way this administration has treated wounded veterans is pretty much a crime—one that they have been aware of for years, and one that we all now know about thanks to the Washington Post—but that don’t stop them from still trying to cover it up. . .

. . . and replace one criminal with another. . .

. . . and cut money from veterans’ healthcare.

Once again, Americans have affirmed their desire to see government guaranteed universal access to healthcare. This should not come as a surprise—most Americans have felt this way for decades. What is a surprise is that our aspiring national leaders still feel the need to pussyfoot and incrementalize around this issue.

And, finally, yes, John McCain is still such an asshole.


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