Wednesday, February 21, 2007

finally, some wmds!

Sure, the Bush administration lied to get us into war in Iraq—but as you now see, they were only lies at the time.

Maybe there weren’t actually any al Qaeda in Iraq back in early 2003, but, thanks to the Iraq War, there are plenty of al Qaeda sympathizers there now.

Maybe Iran wasn’t a real threat to regional stability or a potential nuclear power back in the early 2003, but look what a difference four years of Bush’s war has made for our new worst enemy.

And what about chemical weapons? Oh, you could nitpick and say that all of that looking between 2003 and yesterday never turned up a shred of evidence about any kind of extant chemical weapons program in Iraq, but who needs old evidence when you have this:

BAGHDAD, Iraq: A hidden bomb ripped through a tanker carrying chlorine gas killing nine people and filling hospital beds with more than 150 wheezing and frightened villagers after noxious plumes covered homes and schools north of Baghdad.

What, you say that wiring a tanker truck filed with chlorine isn’t the same thing as a real chemical attack? Give it time—I’ve read that four more chlorine tankers have been hijacked recently in the same area!

It’s a subtle twist on the old Lenin quote—it’s not that a lie told often enough becomes the truth, it’s that a lie told long enough gives it time to become the truth.

Or, it is like the story about the teenaged GW, who would challenge you to a game of one-on-one, first to eleven wins, and, when you beat him to eleven, would say, “let’s play to fifteen!” (Screw the rules—just keep playing till I win!) For the sake of the “coalition” troops and the Iraqi people, I guess we should all hope that president-aged Bush justifies all of his made-up pretexts for war as soon as possible.

. . . .

Two more things I’ve just gotta add:
Condoleezza Rice is a waste of jet fuel, and
days like this make me ashamed to be American.


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