Monday, April 24, 2006

you won’t have Scotty Mac to kick around anymore

My favorite joke about the departure of Scott McClellan came from Bob Garfield on this weekend’s On the Media. Garfield said that McClellan was stepping down from his post as White House Press Secretary in order “to spend more time with the truth.”

What seems to be missing from almost every account of McClellan’s exit is the fact that his mother, Carole Keeton Strayhorn, is running for Governor of Texas as an Independent against incumbent Republican Governor and Bush lackey Rick Perry. Scotty’s conflict of interest came up in a White House press briefing back in January, but seems to have almost completely disappeared from the national news since.

I’m not saying that the nerve of McClellan’s mother to challenge the Bushian order of things—and Scott’s announced support of his mom—had anything to do with his resignation/ouster/mutual understanding, but let’s just say that McClellan, who currently makes his home in Virginia, now has time to re-establish residency in Texas.

Hey, from what I read, Strayhorn is going to need every vote she can get.


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