Friday, April 14, 2006

scav (or how to waste one whole heck of a lot of time)

Though I’m told that bloggers don’t apologize for light posting, I’m apologizing for light posting. There’s a lot going on (and coming down) around here, and it’s all messin’ with my schedule.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t blown countless hours participating in the Platial scav hunt that I mentioned last week. I found the whole digital photo scavenger hunt part lots of fun. Going around your neighborhood with a long list of mostly absurd items really makes you look at your city in fresh way—hell, it just makes you look, period, and I highly recommend it. The uploading photos and creating map points part was a whole lot less fun (and it wasn’t helped by a site redesign launched hours before the scav hunt’s deadline). . . I guess that says something about me.

Anyway, I still think Platial has great potential for hella cool time-wasting. . . and maybe something more. If you feel like screwing off, yourself, take a look at my Big Apple Scav.


Anonymous jason said...

y'know you can export a living breathing version of your own scavengerhunt map to post on your own blog, right?

people can browse around, zoom in, see the places you scored, etc.

just go to your map & you'll see the publish button in the sidebar header, copy the code and stick it in a blog post, yer done.

4:15 PM  

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