Friday, April 07, 2006

sung to the tune of “too much to dream”

I had too much to blog last night. . . too much to blog. . . .

I just have to say, censure is sounding so Easy Bake Oven right now. Kids’ stuff, really. A no-brainer (if Democrats weren’t all so worried about that scalding hot 100 watt light bulb!),

Thursday brought us about a half-dozen slam-dunk reasons to impeach President Bush. Let me just link to a few:

  • Of course, there was the revelation that Scooter testified that he was told to leak by the President.
  • Then there is this related item—specifically that, when George Bush was interviewed by the special prosecutor investigating Plame-gate, etc., he expressly denied any knowledge of any leaks or any plan to discredit Joe Wilson, and now Fitzgerald is in possession of e-mails that show Bush was kept up to date on the campaign to smear Ambassador Wilson. That is obstruction of justice, Mr. President. Even though Bush was not under oath when he denied any knowledge, he still misled federal investigators. He obstructed justice.
  • And, then, there is the content of Libby’s leak to Judy Miller and how it was sliced and diced. Libby put the yellowcake story front and center (it was buried in the real NIE) while neglecting to reveal the predominance of contradictory information. It seems plausible that, not only did Bush tell Libby (through Cheney) to leak portions of the NIE, he told him to misrepresent them. (So twisted, I don’t think we have the laws to call this “impeachable,” but we sure can call it “unethical.”)
  • And, Attorney General Abu Gonzales was on Capitol Hill answering questions about his refusal to answer questions about illegal warrantless surveillance. Not only did he restate the administration’s admission that it ignored the FISA statute, broke the law, and spied on American citizens inside the United States—an impeachable offense all by itself—Gonzo also let drop that a) the President reserves the right to spy on wholly domestic conversations without FISA approval, and b) that stories we’ve heard about disputes inside Justice were not actually disputes about the illegal NSA program we know about, but about some other program that Gonzales then refused to discuss further.
(Even perennial Bush defender James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) said “How can we discharge our responsibilities if every time we ask a question we are told the answer is classified?”)

God, that’s not even all of it, but I have to go get my two hours of beauty sleep. . . .


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