Friday, April 14, 2006

subtle little things

Josh Marshall caught Scotty Mac spiking the administration’s official BS about declassification re: Plame-gate during his attempt to justify the administration’s official BS re: the “mobile WMD labs.”

Oh, and, Bush might have lied to the American People about those labs, er, honey wagons, for days or weeks, but he lied to Congress for months or years. . . and then there’s always Dick Cheney. . . .

Harry Reid got in a nice zinger yesterday; Republicans practice how to lie in Spanish.

Five, no, six (hell, by the time you read this, maybe seven) generals have now called for Don of the Dead to step down.

And, ViaTom strikes again. . . or something like that. South Park, make that Peabody Award-winning South Park, was censored again by Comedy Central, this time because SP creators Parker and Stone wanted to depict Mohammed in cartoon form (yeah, that’s a touchy one). Matt and Trey’s response to the censorship: depicting Jesus taking a shit on President Bush and the American flag.

Like Billy Wilder once said, “Make your subtleties obvious.”


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