Tuesday, February 06, 2007

profiles in cowardice

Somehow, the senior asshole from Arizona, John McCain, found himself absent Monday when it came time to show for the record whether he stood solidly behind President Bush and his escalation or whether he stood with the vast majority of Americans who want to see a quick end to the Iraq War.

McCain is all gung-ho on national talk shows, but when it comes to putting a vote down on paper, he’d just as soon say “no comment.” What could possibly have been more important than Monday’s roll call?

McCain, who will do and say anything in his pursuit of fawning press coverage and higher office, has been absurdly inconsistent on Iraq from the get go (the bald assertions of lily-livered, two-faced, pseudo-liberal ass(hole)-kissers like Joe Kline not withstanding), but what to make of the NEW converts
—the ones who have had shotgun conversions since the November elections. I’m talking about Republican Senators like Gordon Smith (OR), John Sununu (NH), and Chuck Hagel (NE)—all of whom have made very public proclamations about the need to break with the president’s Iraq “strategy” (all are up for reelection in ’08). Now, though, all of them, along with more than 40 of their GOP brethren (and their houseboy, Joe Lieberman, of course), voted against opening debate on the so-called Warner compromise resolution, in essence preventing an up-or-down vote on the Bush Administration escalation.

The senators' actions and inactions put American men and women in harm’s way every day, and every day some of those men and women die, yet it is too much for the Republicans to publicly commit to a position on a resolution by one of their own. Well, they may have thought they could remain silent, and the resolution may be nonbinding, but the active inaction of the Senate Republicans speaks volumes, and the vote against debate binds all of them to Bush and Cheney.

Cowards all.

To paraphrase Kos’s paraphrasing of Hagel, time for all of them to go sell shoes.


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