Tuesday, December 12, 2006

on mugging

AKA: profiles in style.

She may have been stoned enough to drive her new Mercedes SUV the wrong way down the 134 Freeway, but she wasn’t too stoned to strike a pose. Look at her—chin down, mouth closed, eyes looking up under her lids—this is possibly the best picture Nicole Richie has ever taken!

This is a woman who was clearly thinking and thinking clearly about what was going to happen with this photo.

Contrast that with another mug shot from earlier this month. Ladies and gentleman, Rip Torn!

Torn was arrested after taking on a tractor-trailer with nothing more than his 1995 Chevy Cavalier and snifter full. Quite a set of different choices, all the way down the line, no? But still, can you say he is without style?

(Thanks to TSG for the pix.)


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