Monday, December 04, 2006

“the US did not invade Iraq—it entered a conflict that had not ended”

Reason number infinity squared for the 2003 invasion of Iraq was articulated Sunday night by the Hoover Institution’s Dr. Kiron Skinner in an interview with the BBC (I wish they would post a transcript, but I wrote this down as I heard it, and I believe my quotes are close to verbatim). Dr. Skinner, who is a former member of Rummy’s Feith and Bum corps (also know as Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s Defense Policy Board), and has worked extensively with former Secretary of State George Schultz and current one Condoleezza Rice, was asked to react to an earlier BBC interview with outgoing UN Chief Kofi Annan.

In that piece, Mr. Annan said that the situation in Iraq was now worse than it was under Saddam Hussein and worse than the civil war that gripped Lebanon in the 1980’s.

Dr. Skinner (who, by the way, is the woman who uncovered the letter by Ronald Reagan where he admitted to thinking that sex was “tinged with evil” until a “fine old gentlemen” counseled him to observe the primitive Polynesians. . . really) chastised the Secretary General, saying that, “There were many reasons for going into Iraq, not just to search for weapons of mass destruction, but most importantly, perhaps, because Iraq was in violation of a host of UN resolutions put in place at the end of the last Gulf War.” She continued that, thusly, “The US did not invade Iraq—it entered a conflict that had not ended.”

Asked to comment on the continued violence and the failures of White House war policy, Skinner said, “Emerging democracies often war with one another.”

One wonders which emerging democracies she includes in her assertion. As I see it, she could only be referring to Iraq and the Untied States.

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