Tuesday, April 10, 2007

don’t you think. . .

. . . that no matter how freaking stupid and offensive those Don Imus remarks were—and they were—there are about two dozen more horrific things happening this week?

And, last time I looked, Ann Coulter still has an income. So does Bill O’Reilly. And did anyone notice Tom DeLay equating his plight with that of Jews that died in the Holocaust?

I don’t give a tinker’s cuss about Imus. I don’t even know how a person thinks what he said about the Rutgers ballers; forget how a person thinks it and thinks it’s OK to say out loud. I would be happy to see another dumb radio show removed from the air. But if people want to get upset, I mean good and riled up about something, how about getting upset about what happened to 2002 Rutgers graduate Seth Dvorin.

Or what happened to some of his buddies.


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