Friday, August 25, 2006

timing is everything

Remember how funny (funny-odd, not funny-ha-ha) I found the scheduling of the August 23 hearing for the Atlantic Yards project? (You don’t have to remember—here’s the link.) Well, the competing hearing for the NYPD’s anti-protest rules didn’t happen because their proposal was pulled, but the AY hearing did happen in the dog days of August, and plenty funny (again, funny-odd) went down.

There is much good writing about the evening, and you can find excerpts and links over at Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn. I put in my two cents over at capitoilette, but I will add this here: if you thought the timing for this meeting was a tad conspiratorial, the next one is Warren Commission quality.

After seven hours of speeches on Wednesday, the ESDC announced that the next (and likely last) public forum for the Atlantic Yards project would be held on September 12.

Yes, that would be the same day as New York’s primary election.


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