Friday, August 11, 2006

move over rosé

I know what all the cool kids will be drinking this weekend.

On a more serious note: I have been watching this story develop for the last 24 hours (one of the “advantages” of being a night owl), and when it broke, the Brits, talking on the BBC, were incredibly tight-lipped about the racy details of the “terror plot.” Once the sun came up on the east coast of the United States however, suddenly there was a wealth of insider information for the media to breathlessly blab about. I find it fascinating, for instance, to read this “developing story” story on, and see bullet points added over the course of the day, and all of them are attributed to unnamed US officials—none seem to be linked to anonymous British sources.

This explosive cocktail, for example. We learn how to mix it up thanks to a “senior congressional source.” Any guesses? I nominate Rep. Peter King (R-NY), chair of the House Homeland Security Committee, who was on every channel—seemingly at once—bragging about how often he’d been briefed on this case. I swear, the guy could barely keep it in his pants. (I’m really not impressed. Are you?)

But why? Why is there such a torrent of leaks from the US side of the Bush-Blair axis? It couldn’t be that somebody thinks they could actually profit from this news. . . .



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