Saturday, August 05, 2006

Bush thinks war is funny

President Bush, “vacationing” (like he isn’t always on vacation) in Crawford, took a bike ride in the 100-degree Texas heat. During the ride, he reportedly climbed a steep hill, and, when he got to the top, exclaimed, “air attack!” (I heard it on the NPR hourly newscast—still looking for a text link.)

On a day when his “diplomatic” corps are reportedly working overtime to put a stop to Israeli bombing raids and Hezbollah rocket attacks, is there a way to measure how idiotic, rude, out of touch, and insensitive the President’s remarks are?

I was going to say that it is as if we were governed by the schoolyard bully, but that’s not quite it. It’s more like we are governed by the schoolyard bully’s punk friend. He likes hanging out with the tough kids, laughs nervously at their jokes, makes awkward idle threats, but runs away the minute he’s challenged. . . or just uses family connections to get out of trouble. . . .

OK, the analogy is a work in progress.


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