Friday, August 04, 2006

US vows to do for Lebanon what it did for Iraq

You think that’s a sarcastic headline, don’t you?

Well, read this:

Rice, Rumsfeld OK plan for Lebanese army

Earlier Thursday, the State Department said the United States plans to help train and equip the Lebanese army so it can take control of all of the nation’s territory when warfare between Israel and Hezbollah eases.

The program was approved by Rice and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said the program was to take effect “once we have conditions on the ground permitting.”

McCormack provided no details on what equipment the United States might provide, the training that would be conducted, how many U.S. personnel would be involved, or possible costs.

Besides the pesky issue of “track record” (as Sen. Clinton put it), anybody want to calculate the level of credibility that a Lebanese soldier will have after he’s been outfitted and trained by the US? Considering that the Bush Administration’s bellicose stance during the first three weeks of the Israel-Hezbollah conflict has driven approval ratings of America among Lebanese into the single digits (a 30% drop), and delivered tens of thousands of hearts and minds right to Hezbollah’s doorstep, you can imagine what it will be like if Rummy and Rice actually deliver on their promise.

Check that—you don’t have to imagine.


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