Tuesday, April 04, 2006

justice DeLay-ed

This just in. . . seriously. Rep. Tom DeLay will resign his House seat rather than face a reelection fight that “appears increasingly unwinnable.”

Since his former Deputy Chief of Staff plead guilty to conspiracy and corruption a few days ago, and put Jack Abramoff squarely in DeLay’s lap, Tom the Bug Man decided to turn tail and run. . . straight for K Street, I’m thinkin’. (Update: Yeah, K Street, that sounds about right.)

Problem is—for the Republican’s, that is—under Texas law, having already won his primary, DeLay can’t be removed from the November ballot unless he is convicted of a felony, moves out of his district, or dies. . . .

I’m starting an office pool on which will come first. . . I just need an office.


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