Wednesday, March 05, 2008

get your cameras ready

President George W. Bush, who has until now refrained from making a public choice in the race for his successor, will be forced by circumstances to endorse John McCain today.

And John McCain will be forced to accept.

(CNN) – President Bush will officially endorse John McCain's presidential run Wednesday at the White House. The two men will have a private lunch followed by a joint public statement.

According to The Swamp, there will be a formal welcome for McCain at noon at the North Portico, then a private lunch (more barbeque?), followed by a public statement in the Rose Garden.

Will the Asshole from Arizona welcome the backing of Mr. 19% with a handshake, another hug, or maybe a big, wet ki—naw! My guess is that Johnny forces a smile on his face and stands as far away as decorum will permit in order to make for a bad photo—but I expect there will be many talented shutterbugs there to show McCain that you can run as a “maverick,” but you can’t hide.

I hear Bush is even going to offer the presumptive nominee his middle initial for good luck.

John W. McCain. Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

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