Thursday, December 13, 2007

action alert: only a few hours left to comment on grassroots matching funds

I want to get this up, so I am just going to quote Tracy Russo:

The Edwards campaign recently asked the Federal Election Commission if those who contributed to the campaign through Act Blue could have their grassroots contributions matched through public funding.

It makes sense to us. Act Blue is at the cutting-edge of grassroots fundraising -- and these individual contributions through Act Blue are exactly the type of contributions the matching funds system is designed to encourage.

But now we've heard there is a possibility the FEC will turn its back on grassroots donors. It looks as though they are going to take the position that it's okay to raise millions of dollars from special interests and lobbyists, but the money raised in small amounts from thousands of hard working Americans who care about their country--that doesn't count. (This is due to a decades old regulation that was put in place prior to the internet being invented and credit cards being used for donations.)

The FEC will meet this coming Friday to decide whether campaigns can have individual contributions through Act Blue matched through public financing.

The FEC needs to hear your voice to understand that any decision to deny matching funds for individual contributions made through Act Blue would be a body blow to the whole concept of public funding which is intended to allow every American, regardless of how much money they have, to have a voice in our democracy.

You can help us send a clear message to the FEC by sending a message to the FEC Commissioners in advance of this week's vote.

The FEC will vote Friday on this crucial issue and must receive comments by noon on December 13th (Thursday).

Comments can be sent to FEC secretary Mary Dove (, or, if you are pressed for time this morning, you can sign on to a letter that can be accessed through this page over at the Public Campaign Action Fund.

Thank you for your time and help.

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Now, after you’ve done your commenting, if you still want to read a little more about elections, why not check out my latest post over on capitoilette.

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