Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mitt talks “funny”

In the contest between Republican frontrunners Rudy “I (heart) Judi” Giuliani and Mitt “Double Git” Romney to prove who is more innately xenophobic and racist, last night’s round goes to Mitt.

I know Giuliani thought he was going to win the day when he jabbed at Romney for allowing “Illegal immigrants” to mow his lawn, but Romney scored with a counterpunch that could have only originated deep down in his solar plexus:

Giuliani: There was even a sanctuary mansion. At his own home, illegal immigrants were being employed, not being turned into anybody or by anyone. And then when he deputized the police, he did it two weeks before he was going to leave office, and they never even seemed to catch the illegal immigrants that were working at his mansion. So I would say he had sanctuary mansion, not just sanctuary city.

Romney: Mayor, you know better than that.


Giuliani: No ...

Romney: OK, then listen. All right? Then listen. First of all ...

Giuliani: You did have illegal immigrants working at your mansion, didn't you?

Romney: No, I did not, so let's just talk about that. Are you suggesting, Mr. Mayor -- because I think it is really kind of offensive actually to suggest, to say look, you know what, if you are a homeowner and you hire a company to come provide a service at your home -- paint the home, put on the roof. If you hear someone that is working out there, not that you have employed, but that the company has.

If you hear someone with a funny accent, you, as a homeowner, are supposed to go out there and say, "I want to see your papers."

Is that what you're suggesting?

Funny accent? I gotta think that the Detroit-born son of a Mexican-born father probably sounded a little funny to his former constituents in South Boston, but if that’s how Mitt feels in his gut, give him big bigot points for letting it gurgle out.

It was a special moment.

While the Democratic debates have been a relative waste of time with the likes of Timmeh! and Wolfie spending half the time trying to provoke fights between Senators Clinton and Obama, I honestly think all of America should be exposed to some of these Republican tussles. Everyone should hear what passes for statesmanship, morality, and leadership in the bowls of the GOP. With the far more eclectic and ecumenical American electorate, it can only do Republicans harm—so it can only do America good.

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