Thursday, July 12, 2007

finally, someone that will benefit from global warming. . .

The makers of aluminum bats.

Baseball bats going extinct. At a baseball bat factory tucked into the lush tree country in northwestern Pennsylvania, the operators have drawn up a “three-to-five-year emergency plan” if the white ash tree, which has been used for decades to make the bat of choice, is compromised by the effects of global warming.

There is also some emerald beetle that may or may not like it hot, but the article makes it pretty clear that if the beetle doesn’t finish them off, ash forests—along with the other tree of choice for baseball bats, maple—will move much further north or disappear because of the warming climate. And, even before the trees disappear, the longer growing season of a warmer climate will produce a softer wood that will not be suitable for major league duty.

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