Tuesday, May 08, 2007

breaking: more security theater?

Remains to be seen, but I bet this becomes more a story for laughs or ridicule than a cause for concern (concern about a domestic terror plot, that is—concern about abridged civil liberties? That’s always a concern):

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. (AP) -- Six men from the former Yugoslavia were arrested on charges they plotted to attack the Fort Dix Army base and ''kill as many soldiers as possible,'' federal authorities said Tuesday.

The suspects were described as ''Islamic radicals,'' said U.S. Attorney's Office spokesman Greg Reinert.

. . . .

Authorities believe the men trained in the Poconos for the attack and also conducted surveillance at other area military institutions, including Fort Monmouth, the official said. The official said that the men had lived in the United States for some time.

The six were arrested trying to buy automatic weapons in a sale set-up by law enforcement authorities, the official said.

State Police Capt. Al Della Fave said Tuesday that the investigation had been in the works for about a year. The arrests were first reported by WNBC-TV in New York.

Investigations for “about a year”? “Planning stages”? Wonder what this “breaking news” is supposed to distract us from. . . .

Perhaps the degradation of real homeland security:

Kansas is currently missing approximately 60 percent of its National Guard equipment because of the war in Iraq, hampering its ability to respond to the recent tornadoes. Gov. Kathleen Sebelius (D) said that she has “written the Pentagon twice and spoke about the issue at great length with Bush in January 2006.” “He assured me that he had additional equipment in his budget a year ago. … Meanwhile, it doesn’t get any better. I’m at a loss,”

And, speaking of phony homeland security, today (at 5pm) is the deadline for comments on the “real ID” law, an incredible infringement on our rights, masquerading as a security provision. You can use this link to send an e-mail asking for the law’s repeal. Please take a moment to let Skeletor know how you feel.

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