Monday, April 30, 2007

I won’t have Dana Perino to kick around anymore

White House Press Secretary Tony Snow announced this weekend that he plans to return to work today, Monday. Even though Snow’s smirky, smug, jocular arrogance is hard to take, Snow’s return to health makes me happy for him and his family.

However, what is good news for Tony is bad news for me. You see, when Snow was on leave, his job was taken over by Dana Perino, and when I wrote about White House press briefings, and I mentioned or quoted Perino, my hits tripled. Yes, tripled.

Now, I don’t know if folks out there were really interested in what Perino had to say, or if there are just a bunch of hard-up wingers out there hoping for an image (Perino having been designated an “icy sexpot” a while back. . . no comment), but what do I care—tagging posts with her name was good for my traffic, and I’m gonna miss her!

Besides, Tony Snow is a smirky, smug, arrogant pr. . . Press Secretary.

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