Saturday, December 30, 2006

year one

guy2k is one year old today, and I am perhaps as surprised as anybody that I have managed to keep this up for this long. I know I should lay before you some sort of greatest hits of my posts, showing you the most popular or most linked to or something, but honestly, such distinctions would not be statistically significant. If you are wondering what one year of posts looks like, scroll down to the archive, click on something at random, and relive those good times. I have averaged over a post a day here (and that’s not even including the stuff over at capitoilette), and I can assure you that every single one is a Pulitzer quality gem!

No, not really. . . but there are a few good ones, if I may say so myself. Mostly, I’ll remember the laughter. . . .

But, in all seriousness, I would like to thank all of my readers—especially you really regular ones—for sticking with me all year. I hope to keep this up and keep you coming back in 2007. (I would also like to encourage a little more feedback in the comments section, but why ask for the moon when we already have the stars, right?) Let me also thank all of those who were cool enough to quote or link to me this last year—you know who you are (plus, it’s late and I don’t want to go searching through 450 posts to make the thank yous clickable. . . sorry).

If we all don’t get to cyber-talk before Monday, let me take this cyber-moment to wish all of you a healthy, happy, and peaceful new year filled with progressive politics, enjoyable popular culture, and tasty mixed drinks.

See you in year two.



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