Monday, September 18, 2006

bad bill week

As the 109th Congress winds its way towards the session’s end and the midterm elections, Bush and his rubberstamp Republicans will continue to attempt to overwhelm us with a barrage of bilious bills. While trying to protect our right to privacy will we slip up on protecting our habeas rights? While fretting over the Specter Bill on NSA spying, will we stupidly accept the DeWine version? While rubbing our hands together with glee at the prospect of another staring match between the President and Senator McCain, will we fail to note that the McCain/Warner/Graham tribunals bill is just as fatal to Habeas Corpus as the Bush/Frist offering?

I hope not. . . but I fear the worst. It seems that the Democrats are far too content to read rather minor Republican schisms as signs of some earth-shaking sea change (if you are going to mix metaphors, go big!), when they should be taking the lead on the high road—standing up for civil rights at home, and human rights all over the world (including Guantanamo).

As I noted last week, Democrats (and smart, moral Republicans) need to be urged to stop these burnt offerings cold. You can read my post from last week (which includes some numbers and links for action), or you can check out the CCR’s Shane Kadidal’s excellent rundown over at HufPo (which also includes phone numbers for crucial Senators).

This is a big deal—a really big deal. What some assume to be a best-case scenario—passage of the DeWine and McCain versions of their respective bills—should be completely unacceptable to any moral American. Please take a few minutes to let your elected representative know what they represent.

Thank you.


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