Wednesday, September 13, 2006

keeping my record intact

If you ever want to know who’s going to win an election, ask me whom I’m voting for. . . and then pick someone else.

It’s not like I expected some freakish upset where Jonathan Tasini stunned the universe and sent Hillary Clinton and her triangulating pals packing, but it would have been nice to see Tasini get 20 percent (he didn’t). Or it might have been nice to see some other wheezing incumbents forced into early retirement (few were). Or it might have been nice to see the only solidly anti-Ratner/Atlantic Yards project candidate win in the four-way race for NY-11 (Chris Owens came in last).

Eliot Spitzer is a solid candidate for governor, but with positions like being pro-death penalty, and vaguely pro-Yards development, he is hardly a flaming lefty.

All in all, not really a red-letter day for progressives. Not here in New York, anyway.

(I know it’s naïve, but I am still amazed that in a state like Vermont, they can send an independent former socialist well on his way to a Senate seat, while in this bluest of blue states, we have to tolerate “moderates” like Clinton and Schumer—and don’t even get me started on NYC, where we are in year 13 of Republican mayoral rule.)


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