Monday, May 01, 2006

tokenism for fun and profit

OK, no profit, really, but I had a big spike in hits yesterday, and it turns out that a couple of blokes at the Wall Street Journal, of all places, threw together a real quickie on the blogasphere’s reaction to the death of JK Galbraith—and they linked to my piece over at capitoilette.

I am one of, um, two left-leaning blogs mentioned out of eleven quotes (though I’m credited with being “liberal”—not sure the kids over at WSJ quite understand the difference between “liberal” and “the left.” JKG would have had something to say about that.) And, not to look a gift link in the mouth—I am thrilled that more people are finding their way to capitoilette—but shouldn’t the Journal be doing some reporting or analysis or something rather than just cutting-and-pasting a bunch of out-of-context excerpts?

I mean, I assume they are actually in it for the profit.


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