Friday, May 05, 2006

Porter Goss loves his wife

Hours after the Justice Department subpoenaed records of the Watergate Hotel in the investigation of what I think we should all now be calling “Forni-gate,” CIA director Porter Goss has resigned.

As I noted last week, Goss had been rumored to be a key “player” in the poker and prostitution scandal that has been slowly, um, coming to a head ever since Republican (now former) Representative Randy “Duke” Cunningham was sent off to the hoosegow and started cooperating with the FBI.

At the minimum, Goss is tied to Kyle “Dusty” Foggo, a guy Goss promoted out of obscurity to the number three spot at CIA. Foggo has admitted attending poker games set up by defense contractors at the Watergate, but he denies there were prostitutes (well, the female, sex-selling kind, anyway). At the maximum, there are photos of Goss and some lovely ladies.

As georgia10 puts it:

It may not be the hookers. It may not be his possible participation in a million-dollar bribery scheme affecting our national security. It may be that he hated his job, and the CIA hated him. Or it may just be that Goss decided to [spend more] time with his family.

But the press has a duty to find out why one of our nation's top intelligence officials just up and quit all of sudden on a Friday afternoon.


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