Thursday, March 09, 2006

would PETA object if I wore lobster?

I had heard about the Kiwa hirsuta a couple of nights ago, but I did not know it would become this season’s must-have crustacean creation until I got a look at its fabulous fur (thanks to Rachel at Tomatoes Are Delicious).

I have a few questions:

  • Can it live on dry land? (I ask not for myself, but I’m thinking after the Chihuahua, ferret, capuchin, and marmoset are played, this baby is the next hot vanity pet).*
  • Does it come in black?
  • And, would it be better hot with drawn butter, or cold with a green mayonnaise?

* It just occurred to me, if it needs water, you could carry it in a watertight version of those armpit pet carriers. . . hey, don’t you even dare—I thought of it first!

I’m gonna be rich!


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