Tuesday, January 31, 2006

who needs the RNC when you’ve got NBC?

I am quickly flipping around the four major networks (and typing—you try it!) and I am wondering why the Republicans even need a spin room anymore. CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC—all start with the grand adjectives: “broad,” “sweeping,” “strong,” “not a lame duck.”

Oh, and now let’s marginalize the warrantless spying as an inside-the-beltway partisan squabble. . . . And the President is “saddened” by the partisan tone? Does Vice President Cankles know?

Think Progress did us all a great service with rapid response blogging of the SOTU. It is remarkable how many lies you can pack into a 45-minute speech.

Update: OK, finally a little perspective on ABC from Radatz and Zakaria. Foreign policy side of speech played like “the greatest hits of President Bush.” Gibson (on Hamas in the PA and Nukes in Iran): I heard applause lines but I didn’t hear policy. Also, Zakaria debunks Bush’s ridiculous claim about OBL wanting to take control of Iraq and use it as a staging ground for international terror. (To this point, I gotta say—wait, before the war, you said that was what Saddam was doing!)


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