Saturday, January 28, 2006

emergency influx of whaaa???

I was going to post about how Vice President Cankles favorite homies over at Halliburton posted their most profitable year in history, and how, now that they’ve lined their pockets with just about all the Iraq redevelopment funds they’re going to get, the gang was going to really cash in by spinning off 20% of Kellogg Brown & Root in an IPO, but then I saw this:

Earlier in the week, the Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement awarded Halliburton a new contract valued at up to $385 million over five years.

The contract calls for KBR to build and operate new detention facilities in case of an "emergency influx of immigrants" into the country.

Emergency influx of immigrants?!? What the hell does that mean? What emergency? What immigrants? From where? Why?

And where is KBR building these “detention facilities?” Are we talking internment camps? Guantanamo? Prisons? Is this emergency something we are going to make happen? Do we already know what it is? Or is it just that we plan to round up and detain a whole mess of folks once all that nasty habeas corpus stuff is finally put to rest by the Roberts Court?

I’m seriously asking here. . . this sounds really scary!


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