Friday, January 27, 2006

happy birthday, Mr. Burns

No, not that one!

This one!

(though, there is a resemblance)

Senator Conrad Burns (R-MT) had a birthday party on Wednesday. Or, rather, D.C. lobbying firm Cassidy & Associates—the Number one all-lobbying firm in Washington for five years running—threw Senator Burns a birthday party.

Burns, up to his knees in Abramoff money (he is the Congress’s single largest recipient of Jack-off cash), has been very visible in his support of fellow Republican John McCain’s lobbying reform bill, but he couldn’t quite bring himself to practice what he now has decided to preach.

Maybe he just didn’t see the hypocrisy? Not likely, since he already moved the party from Cassidy’s offices to the headquarters of Republican Senate Campaign Committee because of adverse publicity.

So, the biggest name on K Street is throwing parties at the RSCC HQ

. . . excellent!


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