Thursday, January 05, 2006

didn't Janet tell you not to quit your day job?

AMC, we hardly knew ye! OK, we knew ye pretty well, but that doesn’t mean we’re not dismayed by the news that Ana Marie Cox is leaving Wonkette, to be replaced by the, to my mind, less amusing David Lat (aka A3G) of Underneath Their Robes.

Not that UTR isn’t fun, it’s just so Johnny One Note. Maybe the blog will (re)make the man.

As for Cox, one can’t help but think of when what’s his name left that, um, TV show, you know, to become a big film star. . . .

Another sad passing: The Second Avenue Deli, here in New York, has closed because of a dispute over rent. Speculators, “day-trippers,” and greedy landlords are ruining this city much faster than we all could have imagined.

Late Wonkupdate: AMC fessed up today, first on WNYC, and then at her old and soon to be former stomping grounds. . . she’s giving it up to TWO boys!


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