Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I wonder if the president has ever met Kenny Shopsin

I learned something surprising today. George W. Bush, it seems, really likes killing flies. Useless News (and World Distort) reported earlier this week that someone has even made up presidential flyswatters for His Decider-ness. Apparently, Bush is really bothered by the noise. (You’d think it would distract him from the voices in his head. . . oh, that’s just his transceiver. . . oh, wait, that explains it, he doesn’t like the noise because it keeps him from hearing the voices!)

I was surprised by the news that the President likes to swat because I rather thought he was the kind of guy that just liked pulling the wings off flies.

Nowadays, he likes to call that “enhanced interrogation.”

PS & by the way: I doubt Kenny Shopsin would even let GW Bush sit down in his restaurant. . . with his secret service detail, he’d probably be a party of five.

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