Thursday, October 05, 2006

which comes first. . .

. . . Hastert steps down as Speaker, or the US picks a hot war with Iran?

The Eisenhower Battle Group—the “Ike strike”—sailed from Norfolk on Tuesday. They are due in the Persian Gulf on 10/21.

Not to be outdone, the bell-ringer of IL-14 was a no-show for a Wednesday night radio interview, and has scheduled a press conference for Thursday morning.

It’s October. . . surprise!

Let's add fuel to the fire: I was going to give you a link to Hastert’s IL-14 page, but, as of this posting (3am EDT), that link has stopped working. There is still the Google-cached version, complete with pre-weekend-scrubbing references to “keeping kids safe in cyberspace.”

Update: Link to Hastert’s page is back up. All the stuff about cyberspace that was taken off over the weekend is still MIA. Hastert is due to start his press conference at 12:00 1:00 after lunch 1:45 sometime soon.


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