Tuesday, October 24, 2006

bitter much?

The New York Times has done a little long-view analysis of statements by the Solipsism Party candidate for Senate in Connecticut, Joe Lieberman. The results?

A close examination of hundreds of Mr. Lieberman’s statements on Iraq over the past five years shows that while he repeatedly praised President Bush, he was far more likely to criticize him. But those critiques dropped off markedly in the last two years, even as the insurgency in Iraq gained strength.

At the same time, Mr. Lieberman made negative comments about fellow Democrats three times as often as he made positive comments, particularly after his failed campaign for his party’s presidential nomination in 2004.

As I've highlighted here, perhaps more interesting to me than the often wrongheaded approach Lieberman has taken to the Iraq debacle, or than the close correlation of Joementum’s shifting stands with those of the White House, is the three-time loser’s harder turn to the radical Republican right soon after his presidential ambitions were crushed by actual Democrats who like voting for actual Democrats.

Is it a w(h)ine made purely of sour grapes? That is certainly cynical and self-obsessed enough to condemn Lieberman to the scrap heap of history. But, maybe, it is the whining of a spoiled darling of several special interests (pharmaceutical companies and defense contractors come to mind) frantically trying to position himself for the highest office he can now realistically hope to attain—Secretary of Defense under (oh, so under) President George W. Bush.


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