Friday, May 19, 2006

thank you, Michael Weiss

I’ll happily excuse the misspelling, and thank the author of Today’s Blogs for reading and appreciating my capitoilette piece on Adam Nagourney. . . and for sending all those Slate readers my way!

New York lefty "Guy2K" at Capitolette [sic] pounces on Nagourney's hypothetical fear of Democratic "payback" as one justification for repainting the House red: 'Payback' also sounds like 'politics as usual'—divisive, inside-the-beltway squabbling—rather than governing in the interests of those outside the beltway."

Weiss has links to some other good posts about AdNags, so click on over and take a look.

Update: Rachael Larimore, editor of Today’s Blogs, has been kind enough to post a correction and add the missing “i”—thanks Rachael!


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